Partnering with Medici Internet

As fast-paced and dynamic the online marketing universe can be, a strong and viable partner relationship is critical to revenue growth. Significant revenues are driven by new challenges and new challenges are harnessed by powerful relationships.

We at Medici Internet value our relationships with our publishers as paramount to our and their success. Our methods and processes are designed to foster strong affiliate partnerships based upon mutual goals. Our affiliate management methodology is based upon the principle of helping our publishers exceed their performance levels and maximize their profits.

Medici Internet Network supports, facilitates and motivates publishers in order to become more successful.

Our methods to increase your performance:

  • We carefully select our advertising partners and strive for bringing on sustainable programs ranging across a wide spectrum of verticals and markets
  • Highly competent, ambitious and always available affiliate managers consult support and point to the right direction
  • Our industry-leading advanced tracking system ensures improved campaign operation
  • Payment terms can be adjusted to meet individual needs and reward exceptional performance and commitment

Publisher Communication

Please contact our Publisher Management Team:

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 450 20 50-11